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About The Show

The only morning news-talk show focused on the local issues that impact the daily lives of Virginia residents. The John Fredericks Show broadcasts live Weekdays 6-9am on:
  • The John Fredericks Show believes there is a hunger among the populace for a forum where issues can be discussed intelligently and respectfully.
  • The John Fredericks Show believes that Americans are eager to work together to find common ground among our diversity and differences.
  • The John Fredericks Show exists to give our citizens access to the information they need to begin the dialogue that can ultimately lead to working together, getting results and improving the Commonwealth and the country.

About The Host

John Fredericks is a senior media executive with over 25 years experience.  As an accomplished journalist and formidable investigative reporter, Fredericks has served as a large market newspaper editor, TV host, radio host, commentator and columnist. He has covered local, regional and national news events that include government, business, economics and politics. He is known for combining tough investigative reporting with in-depth news analysis. John Fredericks leverages his extensive contacts, sterling reputation and experience to bring the biggest names and most informed experts to his show, to give listeners the information they need to make decisions about the issues facing our region, state and country. On The John Fredericks Show, Fredericks serves as an honest broker, working to present all sides of every issue in a civil and respectful environment.  


Create the premier local talk radio show in Hampton Roads and gain statewide syndication. Be the catalyst for positive change by encouraging vibrant audience participation and corresponding action to achieve common goals in the communities we serve through honest debate, education and information. Become the incubator for new ideas and a new direction, centered on cooperation and respect.  

Mission Statement

The John Fredericks Show is dedicated to serving Virginia listeners – both on air and online- by bringing together diverse views, comprehensive analysis and thoughtful commentary on the most pressing regional, state and national issues of the day.   The current lack of civility across the ideological spectrum is not only polarizing, it serves as an impediment to economic and social progress at the state and national level. Our overriding mission is to blaze a leadership pathway for civil dialogue while setting the example of how common sense solutions can be achieved absent of arrogance and political myopia.   By engaging an active audience, The John Fredericks Show is committed to delivering a robust ROI for each sponsor we serve.  

Operating Statement

The John Fredericks Show will forge common ground by encouraging intelligent and respectful conversation from area policy makers, business leaders, key influencers and educational leaders.   Serving as an honest broker of the truth, the show’s mantra is to treat each guest and caller with mutual respect, candor and courtesy. The show will focus on educating listeners through astute analysis while also finding unique ways to entertain and engage the audience.  

A Note To Our Sponsors

The John Fredericks Show will strive to exceed customer expectations at every level. Each sponsor – regardless of how big or small – will be given maximum exposure for their advertising support.