The oldest of four children and the daughter of an Air Force civilian, Jeannemarie was born on an American Air Force base in England. After several moves, her family settled in Arlington, Virginia when she was ten years old. A product of the public school system, Jeannemarie graduated from Yorktown High School, in 1974.

At a young age, she learned about how her grandfather came to America as a young man, with not a penny in his pocket, but rich with the dream of a better life. He started his own small business and worked long hours to build a good life for himself and his family. He was the embodiment of the American dream. Her father, a World War II veteran, was the first college graduate in his family.

Jeannemarie attended the University of Virginia, where she earned a degree in Mathematics, in 1978. During her summer breaks and following graduation, she worked as a statistician for the Administrative Offices of the U.S. Courts. When the first of her four daughters was born, she decided to stay at home to raise her girls. She was an active volunteer at her daughters’ schools, serving on the PTA Board and leading her daughters’ Girl Scout troops and her local Girl Scout Service Unit. Her community volunteerism led her to volunteering with Republican campaigns, joining her local Republican Womens Club, chairing her magisterial Republican Committee and eventually running for office to work toward a better future for her children and her constituent’s children.

In 1997, Jeannemarie was elected to the House of Delegates where she served for three terms, representing a portion the Town of Vienna and a portion of Fairfax County and the City of Fairfax. She was elected Republican freshman class President and was elected by her colleagues to serve as the Majority Whip in her third term. She has the distinction of being the only Republican woman to ever be elected to one of the top leadership positions in the House.

In 2003, Jeannemarie was elected to the State Senate and was the only Republican woman member. Although she represented a liberal leaning district (Barack Obama won 57% of the vote in her Senate district), Jeannemarie continued to be a strong conservative voice, standing on the side of life and promoting fiscal responsibility and was universally respected for her courageous positions and her ability to solve problems. Her 100% pro-business record was acknowledged by several leading business groups and she was the recipient of many awards acknowledging her leadership in the legislature and her commitment to her constituents. As Lt. Governor, we know Jeannemarie will be a conservative champion because she’s proven time and time again that she is willing to take the bold stances we need in Richmond.

While in the Senate, Jeannemarie served on the Privileges and Elections Committee; the General Laws and Technology Committee; the Transportation Committee; the Social Services and Rehabilitation Committee; and the Rules Committee, where she chaired the Subcommittee on Studies. During her tenure in the legislature, Jeannemarie was the Chief Sponsor of over 140 bills that were signed into law. She was the sponsor of the very first Voter ID bill, which became law in July of 2000 and championed many technology related issues in the area of government contracting, research and development, commercialization, and phishing and spam. She chaired the Clerks’ Commission and several Joint Subcommittees, which studied such issues as voting practices and STEM education. She also served on the Joint Commission on Health Care, the Virginia Research and Technology Advisory Commission, and the Joint Commission on Behavioral Health Care.

Jeannemarie was a partner in a small technology consulting firm from 2003 until January 2010, when she accepted a Cabinet level position in the office of Governor Bob McDonnell, Directing the Virginia Office of Intergovernmental Affairs, in Washington, D.C. We have been under assault from Washington, DC and, no matter who is in the White House, we will continue to need strong leadership in Richmond to strengthen our Virginia economy and put the citizens of our Commonwealth back to work. While serving in the Washington office, Jeannemarie was on the front lines, working with the other governors’ offices fighting for states’ rights. Jeannemarie is honored to have served as a part of the Governor’s team and has seen firsthand what his conservative leadership has done to create jobs and balance budgets without raising taxes, in spite of ever growing unfunded Federal mandates and regulations, which are creating demands on states budgets.

As the head of Governor McDonnell’s Washington office, she was at war with the Obama administration for two and a half years and, if need be, she’s prepared to do battle for four more. It is imperative that we elect courageous leaders able to combat the agenda of a second Obama administration.

Jeannemarie will be a leader and a problem solver because she’s been one her entire life. Throughout her campaign for Lt. Governor, Jeannemarie will focus, first and foremost, on listening to the needs and concerns of the people of Virginia while sharing her message of her proven conservative leadership which Virginia needs. She understands that you cannot represent the good people of Virginia if you do not listen to them.

Jeannemarie is also excited to be a part of such a strong field of Republican candidates. A strong believer in Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment, you won’t hear her negatively discussing her competitors. Instead, she will focus on her record of leadership, her legislative and executive branch experience, her private sector experience and her vision for Virginia’s future, which she knows will convince you that she is Ready to Lead!

Jeannemarie is the proud mother of four grown daughters. Nichole, a marketing professional and entrepreneur, and Ashley, a graphic designer, are graduates of George Mason University. Cassie, an Air Force officer (Captain), and Alexandra, a professional dancer, are graduates of the University of Virginia.

Jeannemarie and her husband, former Congressman Tom Davis, live in Vienna (Fairfax County) with their two very adorable Maltese dogs, Rory and Duchess.