Marita Noon “America’s Voice for Energy”

Executive Director

Filled with fire and fight, an accomplished author of 19 books and a nationally-known Christian speaker, Marita Noon changed course and changed her life when she was brought in as Executive Director of the Citizen’s Alliance for Responsible Energy (CARE) in 2007.

Marita has transformed the face of energy advocacy, building the now-national CARE into a group to be reckoned with. Her tireless enthusiasm and knowledge have brought American energy issues to the forefront.

She began her career as a public speaker at age 19 and was an author at 24. That career (following in the footsteps of her mother, Florence Littauer , also a renowned author and speaker), took flight. With a vivacious personality, an easy-to-be-with educator for Christians, in particular Christian women, Marita spent more than 30 years helping Americans find their way through personal growth. She still occasionally travels the country on the lecture circuit, giving seminars and speeches, and if that weren’t enough for Marita’s strong sense of accomplishment, she founded CLASServices Inc. This organization continues to provide training and resources for other Christian writers and speakers. To this date, she has trained thousands of talented Christians in the mastery of communication.

Today, she uses her life and professional experience to educate Americans on the responsible use of energy; about the potential for energy from domestic production–oil, natural gas, and coal, supplemented by the renewable energy sources. Her expertise in communication, both personal and professional, now serves her well in her latest endeavor: American energy independence.

Marita’s own energy is contagious and has led CARE into the national spotlight. Known for her ability to unite people and communicate the importance of being self-sufficient in our energy needs, Marita, with her unmatched skills as a communicator, makes a complicated topic easy to understand for anyone. She KNOWS energy and its importance in everyday American life. Here’s a quote from Marita’s “Environmental Utopia” which is somewhat a manifesto on American energy potential:

“Let’s get real! Let’s look at the energy reality. Do you prefer the necessities of life? Do you like your car, your microwave, your health and your house? …don’t let the environmental groups take away energy. Most of them have unattainable goals or goals that do not factor in the complete picture. They fight to stop a perceived evil without looking at what else will be impacted. Which portions of your lifestyle–or your children’s or grandchildren’s lifestyle–do you want to give up in the name of saving the world from this or that speculative environmental cataclysm?”

As the influence of CARE spread nationwide, many of Marita’s colleagues urged her to tackle the negative legislation pouring out of Congress with a companion advocacy organization legally empowered to urge the public to vote for abundant, affordable access to American energy. In response, Marita incorporated and organized Energy Makes America Great inc. (EMAG), CARE’s companion advocacy group with a name that is a message. Her efforts with EMAG on the legislative front now have the attention of Congress and are making a difference.